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Exablox Backup Solution
Exablox can help you reduce the RTO and RPO for your physical and virtual backups

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Information, especially in virtual environments and databases, is the lifeblood of any business organization. Data continues to grow rapidly making the job of protecting the information ever more challenging. Protecting against data loss – in the event of accidental deletion hardware or so!ware failure, or disaster – is critical for business continuity. Backups help organizations recover data from such events. However, with backup and recovery windows shrinking and data capacities growing ever larger, disk-to-disk backup and recovery solutions are becoming essential to keep up with demanding recovery point objectives (RPO). Exablox offers a scale-out, inline dedupe storage appliance that can be leveraged as a disk-based backup target for your "lastresort" and ever-growing backup data.


IT organizations continue to struggle with the daunting task of backing up growing quantities of information within diminishing backup windows. Unfortunately, IT administrators are o!en still spending excessive time dealing with tape, responding to emergency data restore requests, and trying to maintain the backup infrastructure to keep up with the demands. Progressive organizations are looking into disk-based backup storage solutions. However, current solutions are o!en based on a scale-up architecture with limited scalability and performance. Once the scalability limits are reached, the only available options are to either add another standalone array with separate management or undergo an arduous task of a forkli! upgrade and replace the existing array. The consequences are many islands of backup data that are complex to manage and result in significant increase in the cost of ownership.

Exablox for Backup TargetsExablox for Backup Targets

Exablox offers a new and an efficient storage infrastructure for backup and archival. By leveraging OneBlox as the backup target for the virtual and database environments, organizations can eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks associated with backup infrastructure environments.

OneBlox & OneSystem

Exablox delivers OneBlox, a powerful, yet simple, integrated scale-out storage and backup appliance, coupled with OneSystem, a cloud-based storage management service. The solution has been designed from ground-up to fully exploit today's advances in storage technologies to deliver a single infrastructure that integrates advanced storage features along with backup capabilities and brings storage management simplicity across multiple fronts. OneBlox is a purpose-built appliance with all enterprise-grade features built-in such as continuous data protection, inline deduplication, encryption, and disaster recovery. It is largely automated with no need for expertise to setup and operate. The unique scale-out, converged storage appliance consolidates primary data as well as the backup and archival data in a single, simple to use storage infrastructure with global namespace.

Contain backup data storage

Dramatically simplify the management of your backup infrastructure

Safeguard your "last resort" data


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When data in a database or virtual environment gets lost, corrupted, or damaged, the time required to restore the data and resume normal business operations is extremely critical. A reliable and fast recovery solution that does not depend on timeconsuming restore from tapes can be a good alternative. Exablox – with its integrated deduplication, compression, continuous data protection, and ease of management – offers a cost-effective backup and restore alternative to tape based infrastructure.

Download the Exablox Backup Solution Brief Datasheet (PDF).