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Digital Asset Management
Exablox scale-out NAS helps you deal with rapidly the ever increasing storage capacity demands of your digital assets

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As digital content in the form of documents and rich media such as images and video are being generated each day, the infrastructure and people resources devoted to manage these escalating digital assets are being stretched. Digital asset management solutions help streamline the complex workflow associated with content production, processing, repurposing, access and distribution. As a result, organizations enjoy significant efficiencies to their digital asset lifecycle management workflow and are able to reuse and monetize their valuable digital assets more effectively.


The simplification of digital asset lifecycle workflow, invariably, leads to higher velocity in digital data generation placing significant stress on the underlying storage infrastructure. Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution deployments typically rely on inflexible data storage—legacy storage infrastructure such as scale-up storage-area network or network-attached storage, which can cause significant challenges.

As data volume grows 60-80% per year, legacy storage systems–based on scale-up architectures reach a scalability limit and the only available options are to either add another storage island or perform a fork-lift upgrade by replacing the existing infrastructure. The consequences are sprawling storage silos that are complicated to manage and result in significant capital expenses. There is no investment protection and it ultimately leads to spiraling costs. Notably, a failure to provision the appropriate amount of storage can severely impact user-experience if storage is under provisioned and waste capital if over provisioned. This results in shifting of the cost burden from digital asset management to storage management.

Fortunately, there are new storage architectures and approaches to dramatically simplify the burden of storage management associated with DAM solutions and drive down costs.


The data volume and growth of digital assets managed by DAM solutions is an order of magnitude higher than that of typical enterprise data. To keep up with such stringent demands, DAM solutions require the backend NAS storage infrastructure to be scalable while being easy to manage.

DAM Solution Deployment

The Exablox OneBlox & OneSystem

Exablox delivers scalable storage solutions – OneBlox, a powerful, yet simple, scale-out storage appliance, coupled with OneSystem, a cloud-based storage management service. The solution has been designed from ground-up to fully exploit today's advances in storage technologies to deliver a single infrastructure that integrates advanced storage features and brings storage management simplicity across multiple fronts. OneBlox is a purpose-built appliance with all enterprise-grade features built-in such as continuous data protection, inline de-duplication, encryption and disaster recovery and is largely automated with no need for expertise to setup and operate. The unique scale-out, converged storage appliance consolidates primary data as well as the backup and archival data in a single, simple to use storage infrastructure.

Exablox enables organizations to:

Exablox for Digital Asset Management

Exablox offers a new and an efficient approach to storage infrastructure for DAM solutions. By combining a DAM solution with the Exablox OneBlox as the global repository for digital assets, organizations can eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks associated with legacy storage environments.

Tame data and storage capacity growth

Dramatically simplify the storage management

Safeguard valuable digital assets


Digital Asset Management significantly simplifies the typically complex workflow associated with content production, processing, repurposing, access and distribution. But selecting the right storage infrastructure to deploy and scale your digital asset management environment is critical to containing costs and ensuring that end-user experience is not impacted. Exablox offers a unique solution, with its OneBlox and OneSystem, that enables organizations to cost efficiently leverage their storage infrastructure to manage their digital assets.

Download the Exablox Digital Asset Management Brief Datasheet (PDF).